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The Beer of Dublin

In 2019 I was commissioned by The Tenth Man to revisit and refresh the branding and packaging for the 5 Lamps Brewery. This coincided with a move by the Brewery to a new location, taking over the site of the old Palace Bar on Camden Street in Dublin, which was to become a destination for visitors and beer aficionados alike.

With a pre-existing design landscape rooted firmly in the ‘dirty ‘ol town’ of Dublin and Victoriana; the purpose of the refresh was to redefine this locally brewed range of beers as a contemporary challenger brand building on a vibrant, authentic, real place with language and wit. A contemporary refresh for a modern, forward thinking city.

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Whilst maintaining some aspects of the original brand architecture and its Victorian stylings, the resulting branding had stronger overall visual impact and allowed us to hero the brand front and centre across all applications. This consistency was achieved by loosing the ornate ribbon and italic forms of the previous design and in turn created a coherent look and feel for all touchpoints.

This was supported by a linear illustration depicting the actual five lamps and some of Dublin’s iconic landmarks such as Poolbeg’s famous chimneys and the Sugarloaf mountains. 

With a clever social media campaign produced by the Tenth Man which employed the wit and wisdom of the contemporary Irish vernacular, the refreshed brand was able to reaffirm its status as a leader in the premium craft beer market in Ireland and as ‘The Beer of Dublin’.