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The Luck of the Irish

In April 2022 Dynamo commissioned me to develop the identity and packaging for a new Premium Irish Lager aimed exclusively at Irish ex-pat communities abroad.

With the focus on a young Irish demographic (18-30), the client team developed mood boards to help drive the direction. These carefully curated references depicted greens, golds, shamrocks and colloquial references that would specifically resonate with the Irish ex-pat consumer. 

However, I challenged this suggesting we take a slightly less traditional approach to the design with an eye on avoiding the contrived or cliched. I also felt that the design should appeal both to the contemporary Irish consumer and beyond in order to keep the audience as broad as possible.

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Taking inspiration from the 'victorian' stylings present in the mood boards, I developed concepts that fused both traditional and contemporary stylings together. The purpose: to create an instantly recognisable, ownable, contemporary brand.

The resulting design echoes the language of long established beer brands with its bespoke logotype, woodcut illustrations and modern 'Irish' colour palette. Employing the incredible skills of illustrator Steve Doogan we developed illustrations that would reinforce the brands inferred heritage. I developed a supporting story based on the brands overarching themes of luck, love, happiness and sharing and with Steve's help employed Irish pack horses to deliver the beer.

'Le Grá' literally translates as ‘with love’ in Irish, and the beer itself is infused with real shamrocks which gifts the consumer with some 'luck of the Irish' in every sip. By heroing the shamrock front and centre I was able to create instant recognition for what is an unashamedly Irish beer.

With BELFAST boxing champion Michael Conlan on board the beer was launched in Ibiza in June to an incredible reception.

Since its launch it has won lager of the year twice in a row. The brand is soon to be launched into the Irish and the UK markets with a long-term ambition to break into the US.