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A Vytal Rebrand

In 2011 Dynamo won a three way pitch securing new business from an award-winning, innovative Irish company with a unique technology for producing biodegradable towels. Targeting a wide range of business sectors and with the ambition to become the go to brand for disposable towels, I set about creating an iconic, contemporary brand that would be instantly recognisable; focusing first on salon trade.

I created the 'droplet' logotype and distinctive fibrous wave device which was then applied to the packaging, literature, point of sale and guidelines.

Working alongside the team in easydry I also helped to develop the brand architecture. In celebration of their tenth anniversary I also created a unique marque which was used at trade events and for online communications.

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Since 2017 I have continued my working relationship with Vytal in developing and producing their consumer ranges for both domestic and US markets.