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The Spirit of Adventure

In 2005, Blayney Rice set out on an epic journey with a group of friends sailing from the Arctic to the Antarctic. To celebrate this feat of human endurance, a book and CD Rom was produced on their return in 2007 which sold out within months of publication.

Blayney made contact in 2022 on the behest of Michael Holland, a leading Irish entrepreneur, with a request to develop a corporate gift for his clientele in celebration of this epic voyage. This would take the form of a small batch, pot distilled Irish gin.

Prior to this the team in Dynamo had recreated the ‘Celtic Spirit’ logo with the addition of the yacht illustration which was used solely on T-shirts.

Immersing myself in the project I built a potential kit of parts from the pre-existing graphic elements and used the book extensively to unpack and understand the story. I also explored the competitive brand landscape to ensure that the design would be distinct from any competitor.

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Taking inspiration from technical drawings of the yacht, I traced the stern to create the label shape. This allowed me to draw focus on the yacht at the start of its journey in the Arctic whilst highlighting the years travelled and celebration.

As the design was nautically themed I was conscious to avoid any clichés in this space. I approached the detailing in a subtle way taking the colour cues from the brand and the copper from the yachts fixtures and fittings. I then carefully crafted the type details to echo the premium nature of the gin.

The faint ice-blue map traced the journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic without intruding on the main label and the iceberg represented both the beginning and end of the voyage – with ice flows being a constant between poles.

The brand was launched, gifted and sold in its bespoke gift bag at a Christmas event held in the Bailey Bar and received a great response from both my clients, their family, friends and corporate clients.