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Mission Possible

Sligo Centre for Independent Living's (SCIL) core focus is on the needs and welfare of severely disabled people in the community. Their program is designed to instil a sense of independence, both in the home and socially, and can also lead to employment and study opportunities.

Initially looking to update the logo, a blue and yellow sun device common to all CIL’s; we began by asking questions to greater understand the business and from this were able to bring the team on a journey that re-envisioned the charity as they see themselves: progressive, young, vibrant and fun. A safe space for disabled adults.

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Working with Liam Trumble (also a designer), we took the sun device as the starting point, our solution leaning strongly towards a simple circle to represent the sun as an iconic, abstract device.

This simplicity helped drive the visual landscape for the brand with an adapted typeface, poppy colour palette and icon set that highlighted the teams individual skillsets and personalities. We asked the team to come up with their own ideas for the icons which added personal touch that made everyone in the organisation feel invested in the process.

The design was well received and was rolled out across brochures, internal documents and the website.