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Curiously Quaffable

In 2019 I was commisioned by Tenstorey Design to develop branding and packaging for a range of Kombucha teas produced by Sisú. 

Kombucha is a mildly fizzy, fermented drink made from sweetened tea and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts. It is also thought to be probiotic, contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and to support heart health.

Kombucha is widely known and drunk in Asian regions of the world, however, at the time in Ireland, it was less well known.

Sisu’s core drinks ranges are a mix of blended fruit smoothies and juices all with an emphasis on natural ingredients and life giving properties. In the case of Kombucha our focus was on the benefits of drinking this tea for gut health.

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I was naturally drawn to the East for inspiration for my initial concepts. However, as the product flavours blended with the teas were more ‘tropical’ in nature I adjusted my approach. Using graphic, organic shapes I reflected the sense of joy you get by both looking after yourself and the tropical, fruity taste of these delicious teas.

For consistency I took typographic cues from Sisú's core smoothies and juices (also designed by myself) in developing the brand. However, I put more emphasis on the word Kombucha by spiltting the syllables to create more visual impact for the brand.

The resulting design is a fun, vibrant, fruity and flavoursome expression of ‘healthy joy’ and goes some way in telling the consumer what to expect from this drinks range.

The design was rolled out across packaging, used in Sisú’s social media campaigns and for outdoor posters where the ‘gut health’ messaging was communicated.