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A Spirited Rebrand

I first met Oisin of Great Irish Beverages through Richard Seabrooke of the Tenth Man and had up to this point worked on some small updates to his pre-existing identity and supporting graphics. The business partnership continued from a freelance perspective outside of the Tenth Man but the design assets remained inconsistently the same.

Oisin came to me in 2019 Initially looking to change a few graphic details on his pre-existing website. It was at this point that I saw an opportunity and challenged Oisin to rethink his branding and website as I felt that it wasn’t doing his business justice.

Great Irish Beverages is all about celebrating and promoting Irish made drinks with services that include publicity, brand advocacy and experiential & online marketing. These usually take the form of annual themed festivals such as ‘Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey Week.

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality and drinks sectors, Oisin also writes and contributes to Food & Wine Ireland with the Business Post as well as being a regular cocktail maker and shaker on RTÉ.

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The pre-existing design did not indicate either Oisin’s extensive credentials within the drinks industry or depict the premium nature of his business offering.

In researching the competitive and drinks brand landscapes I was able to distil my thinking coming to the conclusion that A) this should be a brand that reflected both the premium business offering and the sector and B) that it should have Irish values to align with the brand: Great Irish Beverages.

After extensive creative exploration I settled on the idea of interweaving the G, I and B of Great Irish Beverages into the form of a Celtic knot. This was supported with a classical but contemporary typeface that propelled Great Irish Beverages from a festival circuit brand into an all encompassing brand that speaks directly to Oisin’s target audience – the premium drinks and hospitality sectors.

In the years following the brand identity redesign I have developed Oisin’s stationery, website, events illustrations, events collateral and social media campaign graphics.