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Making Real Connections

In February 2019 I was commissioned by Tom Sutton of Tenstorey Design to develop the naming, branding and visual language for ’National Community Day’, an initiative set up by the Department of Rural & Community Development.

The initiative was driven by a national conversation around growing individualism which causes loneliness and isolation in some areas of rural society. The dept. aimed to reconnect rural communities by providing tools and finance to host their own open and inclusive events which were to take place nationwide on the May Bank Holiday weekend.

I researched similar events and initiatives in Ireland and the UK and asked questions to get a feel for how they envisioned the brand and its direction. The key take outs were to develop a brand language that tackled the national conversation head on in its overall tone of voice which would be supported by simple, contemporary and engaging graphics.

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My initial thinking around the national conversation lead to the name 'The Big Hello’ and a tagline borne out of the coming together of community in ‘Making Real Connections’

Housed within a simple speech bubble device, 'The Big Hello’ encompassed everything that the initiative needed to say. Openess, Inclusivity and an invitation for the community to make new and treasured connections. The waving hand exclamation mark added to this message with its welcoming, kind gesture.

The supporting visual language evolved organically out of the main brand device and supported all aspects of the brands mission with its use of friendly type, vibrant colours and ‘bubbly' graphics.

The Reputations Agency, who commissioned Tenstorey, then developed an integrated social, experiential PR campaign to communicate ‘The Big Hello' messaging and call to action to host local events.