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History in a Glass

In 2020 Mihai Cozmin commissioned me to design a ‘label’ for his start up brand, a premium Irish whiskey. I suggested that we look at the bigger picture in order for us to create a viable brand that could hold its own against what is a highly competitive growth market in Ireland. My proposal encompassed the development of the brand story, an audit of benchmarks and competitors, the creation of brand kit of parts, an overview of potential bottle formats and once completed, creative concepts of what this could potentially look like.

Mihai’s own story was one of emigration starting in Romania before finally settling in Ireland making Glasnevin his home in Dublin. His love of this place, its stories and history stayed with him over the years and became the foundation and idea behind the brand name in Glasnevin Irish Whiskey.
In telling the story of Glasnevin Irish Whiskey we reflected on the stories of tall ships taking the irish diaspora to new worlds, themselves emigrés, and of the tales, legends and truths shared over a drop of the good stuff, made permanent by musicians, poets and extraordinary irish folk.

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This central idea became ‘History in a Glass’ which in turn gave us a way of developing a unique positioning for each individual whiskey. 

In my research I looked to Glasnevin Cemetery for inspiration taking ornate gravestone typography, headstone shapes and Victoriana as a potential starting point for the look and feel of the design. Mihai also wanted elements that reflected the language of traditional whiskeys such as the distillation and maturation process and these visual cues were interwoven into the finished design.

The resulting design is a contemporary take on tradition with storys rooted in both the historical and contemporary vernacular of the Irish while leaving just enough mystery for whiskey lovers to delve deeper, discover and share.

Glasnevin Irish Whiskey was launched in 2022.